Session E - Table 1

Title: Tools and Workflows #LinkedPipes


Clusters of challenges


Overall Goal

Strategy on “Tools and Flows” aka Linked Pipes

-> build up a LinkedPipes working group

About Linked Pipes

List of participants in the Linked Pipes working group

(just those whose github ids are not listed below)

Guenther Goerz

github ids etc.

name github-id twitter-id short
Ben Brumfield @benwbrum @benwbrum
Gimena del Rio @Gimena @gimenadelr
Andreas Wagner @awagner-mainz @anwagnerdreas
Frank Grieshaber @wenamun @wenamun
Florian Thiery @florianthiery @fthierygeo FT
Rainer Simon @rsimon @aboutgeo
Valeria Vitale @valeriavitale @nottinauta VV
Susan Brown @susanbrown @susanirenebrown

Linked Pipes WG


CC BY 4.0 Linked Pipes WG

CC BY 4.0 Linked Pipes WG

	"name": "",
	"links": [],
	"dateOfEntry": "",
	"entryLevel": "{beginner:yes/no}",
	"consumesLOD": "true/false",
	"producesLOD": "true/false",
	"inputFormats": ["JPG", "TIFF", "PNG", "N3", "RDF/XML", "XML-TEI", "CSV", "JSON-LD", "GEOJSON", "IIIF-JSON", "PLAIN-TEXT", "HTML", "TTL", "SHP", "X3D", "any 3D format", "SQL", "SPARQL", "SHAQL", "CYPHER", "audio/video"],
	"outputFormats": ["JPG", "TIFF", "PNG", "N3", "RDF/XML", "XML-TEI", "CSV", "JSON-LD", "GEOJSON", "IIIF-JSON", "PLAIN-TEXT", "HTML", "TTL", "SHP", "X3D", "any 3D format", "SQL", "SPARQL", "SHAQL", "CYPHER", "audio/video"]